What are the Challenges Involved with Finding a Lawyer?

Now that you have started your business and you’re ready to find the best solicitors in the UK to represent you and your business, where do you begin? Finding a lawyer can be complex, it takes a lot of thought and time to choose the correct one for you, that meets your goals and benefits your company's future.

Below are some of the most common challenges you may face, finding a lawyer;


Can you afford this lawyer?

This is one of the main challenges you will face while finding a lawyer for your business. Starting up, you will have to set budgets for certain aspects of your company to help it run, finding a lawyer is no exception. You will need to find out if you can afford to have this legal representation within your budget. Also, the prices of it may vary depending on future cases or not. Each lawyer/ firm will have a different price depending on reputation and experience.

This then brings us to our next challenge;


Does this Lawyer have the experience I need for my business?

Is a question you need to ask yourself when doing research on the different firms. There will be firms and lawyers out there that have more experience than others and also ones that have specific experience in the area you will need. Not every lawyer you come across will be able to help you with your business, so knowing which ones can is crucial. When you find a lawyer with experience in your field, you can check to see if they are good at the law they practice by looking over their previous trial outcomes. You can request this information from the firm themselves to check that their track record is a winning one and one you would like to have with your company.

Steps to take to know if they have the Experience you desire:

  • Look at the public records
  • Get a record on cases similar to your own
  • Obtain a face to face meeting
  • Ask a different lawyer their opinion


Will the lawyer I want be available for me and my business?

If the lawyer you found, that fits your business perfectly, is respectable and experienced, more than likely their time will be bought up quickly. You have to be sure they have the time to give you, if they have many clients they may not be as tentative to you and your company’s needs. You want to make sure their main priority is you and your goals. Having other clients doesn't mean this Lawyer will be negligent, it just means their time will be shared. If you can find a Lawyer that falls under budget, has great experience and only has a few clients that will be the best way to go. Communication is key, as you want them to be able to be available whenever you may need them.


How long will it take?

As well as the lawyer, you too need to have the time spare for you and your business, you need to have that time as well. Finding the right lawyer for you is complex and can take up a lot of your time. I'm sure the time you have starting up a new business is precious. Doing the research before you go into contacting a firm is a great way to make sure no one's time is wasted. There will be no point discussing your needs with a lawyer, if they don't practice in business law, so knowing your stuff is key. When you have done your research and know the lawyer or firm you want representing you, the rest follows. I wish there was a sure-fire answer for how long it takes, however, each process or case is different, it all depends on outside factors. If you feel you don't have the time to find a lawyer on your own, getting a trusted partner to find one is the best way to delegate time so the process runs smoothly while keeping your business going during the process. You can also go down the route of finding a company like Mishoura who finds the lawyer for you, saving you time.


Who is my competition?

There will be a likelihood that you won't be the only one starting a business in your area. Or businesses in general, so you will be in competition with them to be represented by the best lawyer available to you all. This comes back to the time the lawyer has for you and other companies they may be representing. Another company in the same area interested in the lawyer you want, may have a bigger budget, meaning they may have more access to that attorney than you do because they are paying for more of their service. You could up your budget if possible, or find an attorney who is just as good to represent you, who doesn't have time restrictions because of other companies.


Are there any Lawyers near me?

You may find yourself and your business in an area where you can not find good representation or any at all. Setting up a business in a city would be a much more viable decision when it comes to finding a lawyer than say in a town or village. Having your lawyer close to hand is a good thing to keep in mind when choosing one. A time may occur where you need to speak face to face urgently, or they need to see something specific to do with a case. In any case, surrounding any area of law, the quicker the information is given to your lawyer the better. Having them in a close location also gives you a better relationship, face to face meetings will make the trust between you, your business and the lawyer a lot stronger.

Although these are some of the most common challenges you may be faced with when finding a lawyer. You may also come across some personal ones along the way as well. By overcoming these you will be able to find someone who can represent you and your business perfectly. Mishoura will make the process a lot easier and get rid of a lot of the challenges you may face, by helping you find the lawyer for you, you can relax and only worry about certain things

once you tell them all your needs, goals and worries, when it comes to finding the best solicitor in the UK. By having a fee free consultation with Mishoura, you can determine whether you need legal representation or not and if you do, Mishoura will find the perfect lawyer for your business in 90 minutes.  Going through Mishoura will ensure the whole process is a lot easier, giving you time to concentrate on the other challenges your business may come up against, that aren’t to do with finding a lawyer.

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