Top 10 Tips for Finding a Reliable UK Immigration Lawyer

Immigration is a very complex and long-winded process and can take up a lot of your time and resources. This can be a very daunting thing to do if you're trying to run your business. Having a UK immigration Lawyer will be able to make this process a lot easier to manage and will ensure the application is done correctly and proceeds quickly.

Below are the top 10 tips on how to Find the Best Immigration Lawyer for you:

1. Check Your Budget

There will be a few costs involved when it comes to immigration, so check you have the budget to do so before you go into it. There are visa fees payable to the UK Home Office. There are also fees when hiring an immigration lawyer, the cost of which depends on their experience and reputation. The better their reputation is, the more expensive they will be, however this means they are in high demand and will be worth the cost you pay. So figure out your budget and do your research before you pay for anything.

2. Check your Time-Frame

Visa applications can take years to apply for and be approved, without the help of an immigration lawyer to walk you through the ins and outs of immigration law, this can take even longer. There is a lot of documentation to go through and important papers you need to ensure you have before applying, the immigration lawyer will know exactly what you need so there is no delay in the application. You also need to check the immigration lawyer you find has the time to help you and be dedicated to your application process. The higher their reputation the more in demand they are, so keep this in mind when choosing a firm, to ensure they share their lawyer’s time well with all their clients.

3. Research the Firm/ Lawyer

Finding the right firm/ lawyer can be very overwhelming as there are a lot to choose from. There are many ways to research the lawyer, such as reviews, recommendations, forums, blogs etc. When looking at reviews, taking them with a pinch of salt is key, as most reviews put up are negative and it has been known that competitive firms pretend to write these reviews to steer custom towards them. You can also ask friends/ family if they know of any good firms that can help, a trusted recommendation can be a great way to find one. There will be blogs and forums online where people are giving their accounts and thoughts on certain firms. Gathering this research will be able to help pinpoint some firms you're interested in contacting.

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4. Reputation and Experience

Immigration needs a lawyer who is very experienced with a good reputation for winning cases or getting successful candidates through visa applications. You can ask to see the firm's records and look at the specific cases that are on immigration solicitors. This way you can see if they are successful, to know if they are worth your time and money.

5. Face to Face Meetings

Once you have whittled down the firms you are interested in from the research, you should meet them face to face. This builds a trusting relationship between all parties, which will make the decision easier on the one you decide to pick. Speaking to someone in real life can make the decisions easier, they will be able to show you more records that they have stored in the firm to help make your decision. They may also have more than one immigration lawyer within their firm to meet giving you a choice.

6. Have a Consultation

Once you have done some face to face interviews with firms and picked the one you want, now is time for a consultation. This may have a cost, however it is more than likely that if the firm knows you are interested in hiring them they will give you a fee free consultation. It can be difficult to see if the immigration lawyer can help without seeing your documents and forms etc. So within the consultation you can both share the important documentation to come to an agreement on how they can help you with your immigration law needs. 

7. Check the Guarantees

As much as guarantees seem extremely helpful and can relieve some stress when it comes to immigration. Immigration law is complex and your situation and process will be very unique with each application being different. Because of this, there can be no guarantee of set agreements if each application is different. A professional lawyer will not offer you any guarantee of success, they will give you honest and good advice, so you know exactly where you and your application stand within immigration law.

8. Take your Time and Relax

We know Visa applications can be very daunting and stressful, so finding an immigration Lawyer will ease that stress for you. They will be there to advise and help you every step on the way, all the way from filling out the forms to appealing if anything gets refused. Hiring a lawyer will make your visa application more likely to get approved, rather than doing it alone without the knowledge of immigration law on your side. Although the application takes time to be approved make sure you also take your time. Do not rush the forms and rush into finding help, you need to do your research and make sure everything is filled out correctly and you have good help on your side. However you have to bear in mind, when you send your application you are held liable for any of the information you give to the home office. So having a lawyer who pays attention to detail would make this process easier, even though the final review is on you. 

Getting Help

Mishoura will help find the immigration lawyer perfect for you. We offer a consultation where you can share your needs and wants with your immigration lawyer. Once the consultation is over, within 90 minutes we will get back to you a shortlist of firms that have the immigration lawyer we feel are perfect for you. We will be able to take the stress and time out of looking for an immigration lawyer yourself, giving you time back to deal with other aspects of your business.

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