Save Time and Money To Hire Right Employment Contract Solicitor

Save Time and Money To Hire Right Employment Contract Solicitor

In light of the challenging times we are experiencing right now, with the lingering COVID-19 pandemic and geopolitical conflicts, it is every company’s goal to be cost-efficient as possible in all aspects of business operation, including the hiring of an employment contract lawyer.

The Legalities of An Employment Contract

Just like any other contracts that a business produces to seal deals or formalise agreements, an employment contract must be made and agreed upon under the guidance of a competent employment contract solicitor to make sure that all the terms included are valid and legal according to applicable local and international employment laws.  

An employment contract is a legal instrument that contains a set of standards employees must observe at all times while connected and working for a company. At the same time, it also outlines the employers’ liabilities, may it be financial, physical or psychological. Both parties (the employee and employer) are to sign this contract once both agree on the terms stipulated including their respective rights, obligations and responsibilities in the whole duration of employment.

You can find the following sections in an employment agreement: period of employment, salary, job description and responsibilities, hours and days of work, benefits (both mandatory and non-mandated employee benefits), confidentiality clause, termination details, effective date or official start of work, notice, dispute resolution, applicable laws and of course, the signature of the employer and the employee.

Under UK employment law, there are different types of employment contract namely: full-time, part-time, agency staff, FCC (freelancers, consultants, contractors), and zero-hours.

In order to make sure that the contract is consistent with current laws and avoid disputes, it is a must to get assistance from employment lawyers near you.

Qualities of the Right Employment Contract Solicitors

How do you know you are hiring the “right one” and not just “anyone”?

There are so many law firms in the country that it can be very hard to choose. It can take up a lot of your time and effort. And so, it definitely helps to have a list of criteria ready to guide you in your search. Here are a few of the must-have qualifications.

  • Specialising in Employment Contracts
  • Expert in UK Employment Laws
  • Proven Track Record of Success
  • Strategically Located Near You
  • Cost of Legal Services
  • Availability and Adaptability
  • No Conflict of Interest

Once you have your list, set up a consultation time to talk to each of them. But if you don’t want to go through all these hassles and want an easier and faster way, just go to MISHOURA. After filling out a questionnaire in this legal website, you will receive an email containing a list of the highly recommended law firms based on your needs whom you can call that same day.

Saving Time and Money by Hiring Employment Contract Lawyers

Hiring the right employment contract lawyers can help you save time and money as they can do the following on your behalf:

  • Conduct research into the best terms to include in the contract
  • Draft and prepare various employment agreements
  • Create and prepare relevant claims
  • Give legal advice anytime
  • Negotiate terms to the employee
  • Settle disputes with the employee
  • Represent the company in court proceedings
  • Comply to various relevant laws
  • File complaint to the right agency

Indeed, it is a wise decision for a company to get legal assistance from employment contract solicitors.

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