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Your real estate lawyer plays a pivotal role in guiding you while leasing, buying, and selling local and international properties. A commercial real estate lawyer is required to negotiate land deals, zoning, land use, commercial contracts, and more.

Commercial property acquisitions can include a wide range of transactions. The most typical areas, however, are offices, industrial (big office spaces), and retail. It is recommended that  you get legal advice before purchasing or selling a property of this magnitude.

Commercial property law frequently requires extremely complex legal procedures that, if not correctly carried out, might result in a slew of long-term issues. To avoid this predicament, commercial property experts will give you professional property guidance on all aspects of property law that you require.

Commercial property lawyers act on behalf of corporations and individuals with commercial property interests throughout England and Wales, acting on behalf of commercial landlords and tenants, as well as residential and commercial property developers and investors.

Commercial Property Solicitors are in charge of dealing with legal issues, both contentious and non-contentious, relating to commercial customers' property or premises.

Commercial properties come in a variety of styles and sizes and a commercial property solicitor  could work on matters involving hotels, railways, high-rise buildings, shopping malls, restaurants, motorways, airports, and any other commercial property or premise.

There are various ways to leverage real estate to achieve your business goals. From tax benefits to additional income streams, long-term cost-savings, assets and investments and more. Mishoura connects you with the best real estate solicitors in the UK.

Whether you are looking for a commercial property solicitor, commercial lease solicitor or property dispute, Mishoura has you covered. We vet each firm of commercial properties solicitors to ensure that they are qualified and knowledgeable when it comes to property law.

Our business advisors are available for an initial consultation to assess your needs and requirements. We can get you in touch with a real estate lawyer in your area within 90 minutes.


What to look for in a Commercial Property Solicitor

Aside from academic and professional credentials, there are a variety of skills that a Commercial Property Solicitor should possess. 

These are some examples :

  • Outstanding client-facing and relationship-building abilities.
  • The capacity to explain complex legal issues in layman's terms.
  • Excellent business growth and networking abilities.
  • Excellent drafting and negotiation abilities.
  • Perfect commercial awareness.
  • The capacity to collaborate with legal and non-legal experts as part of a team.
  • Excel, Word, PowerPoint, and case management system expertise.

Conveyancing, construction, litigation, finance, planning, environmental, corporate, and other legal practise areas overlap with commercial property law. Knowledge of various practise areas, as well as a desire to take on new tasks in unknown areas, are considerable skills that your chosen commercial property lawyer should have.

What kind of things can a commercial property lawyer help me with?

Commercial Leases

Experts in property law can assist with all legal aspects of commercial property leases (retail or office) and agricultural (farm business) tenancies, such as lease grant, lease renewals, variations, surrenders, forfeitures, sub-lettings, and assignments. They would be able to help you with every stage of the leasing procedure, from initial writing to final completion, including any Stamp Duty Land Tax and land registration formalities. In addition, many firms have a specialised litigation team that may assist with property issues as needed.

Purchasing/Selling Businesses and Real Estate

A team of experienced and diligent property lawyers can help with all elements of purchasing and selling a corporate or other organisation with a property component. There are two situations in which property is included in the sale of a corporation rather than the property asset alone (without a corporate 'wrapper'): the first is when the primary goal is to purchase a firm and all of its assets, including property (for example a distribution business will have leases of warehouses which are integral to its operations).

The other is where the primary goal is to buy the property as an investment or development opportunity. For tax reasons, it has become usual to own property under special purpose vehicles (companies, units trusts, and partnerships being some of the most common holding structures, sometimes offshore). In either case, a selling agreement of some kind, as well as due diligence on the firm and its assets and liabilities (including property), will be required, and the commercial and commercial property teams can help with this because they have vast knowledge in both areas.

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Agreements and Arrangements for Joint Ventures

In the current market, joint ventures have become a tool to invest in and develop property without one party assuming all of the risk and/or putting in all of the capital. This has proven more appealing as obtaining bank financing has become increasingly difficult, particularly for risky enterprises.

Property lawyers can advise you on the form and structure of the joint venture, whether that is through the formation of a company and a governing agreement (i.e. shareholders agreement, partnership deed, or similar) or through a contractual arrangement. They can assist you in developing the joint venture's objectives, the controls that you as the client must achieve in relation to the other parties, and how the joint venture and underlying property will be managed, where decisions are made, and what power each party must keep. They can also help with default provisions and the final exit strategy, as well as manager incentive structures such as overage and/or improved profit-sharing arrangements.

Purchasing and Selling Land

Experienced property lawyers can assist with all aspects of asset purchase and disposal, as well as the conveyancing procedure, whether the asset is whole or part, freehold or leasehold, and includes post-acquisition plot sales.  They would be able to handle the full transaction, from the initial selling agreement and due diligence process through the post-completion stamp duty land tax and land registration requirements.

Funding for Pensions

In the acquisition of commercial properties, a firm of commercial property lawyers will work closely with self-administered pension scheme (SSAPS) and self-invested personal pension plan (SIPP) providers, and we have recently aided with numerous high-value funding arrangements. An experienced team of real estate lawyers will be aware of the unique requirements that pension providers have in terms of their investments (such as their tax status), and is well placed to assist on the form and nature of their property transactions.

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Commercial Development and Site Construction

A commercial property lawyer will have experience putting together complicated construction sites as well as simpler transactions requiring a few more pieces of land. They can advise on all types of purchase, including pre-emption rights, option agreements, and lease agreements, as well as the title itself and any elements of it that may affect the land's development potential. They can also help with planning permissions and the statutory agreements that go with them, construction agreements, and warranty guarantees.

Commercial Real Estate Financing

A property lawyer has considerable expertise acting for property project funders and in relation to the reporting necessary by a lender in order for it to make an educated judgement regarding the risk profile of the proposed transaction, as well as advising in an enforcement situation.


What is Real Estate Law?

Real estate law is also known as Property law. It deals with residential and commercial property transactions and covers specialist areas such as property finance, mortgage lending and social housing.

Personal Property Law

Personal Property Law takes all legal aspects of buying or selling personal or residential property. Property lawyers deal with domestic or international clients who wish to buy or sell property in the UK or abroad.

Commercial Property Law

Commercial Property Law involves dealing with business properties or land that generates profit for the owner. Commercial property lawyers take the centre of all legal aspects of buying and selling commercial properties. Clients can be from sectors, such as farmers, hotel owners and charities. 

The main subjects of property law

  • Transfer of land
  • Ownership of land
  • Disputes over land
  • Tenancies
  • Licenses
  • Easements
  • Mortgages
  • Adverse possessions

What does a property lawyer do?

This area of the law mainly involves transactional-based work, such as buying and selling property, but there is a litigation side. Other related areas of law include landlord and tenant, as well as construction and planning law.

The practice area is split into residential and commercial work. Residential work is likely to  occur at high street or regional-based firms, and clients are usually the public. This type of work sees  many client contacts over the phone, dealing with developments in their property buying experience. Depending on how many cases are being dealt with, it can be time pressured, so lawyers have to keep track of which stage each of their clients is at in their property buying process.

Larger firms of commercial property solicitors are more likely to take work and instructions from commercial clients. This work involves negotiating  land contracts, drafting commercial leases and due diligence. Matters range from large-scale developments to small business premises for a sole trader.

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