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Litigation is the process of taking a dispute to a court of law. If parties cannot agree between themselves about the fair and proper outcome of a dispute they will need to present their respective cases to a court for its judgment. It is a broad term that describes a long and sometimes complex process.

When disputes arise, whether in your personal life or the course of business, taking legal action is sometimes a daunting but necessary step on the road to achieving a resolution.

A firm of highly skilled litigation solicitors have expertise across all areas of civil law. From breaches of contract to boundary disputes. They can advise and assist you through the litigation process from the early assessment of your case and considering your prospects of success, the implementation of any pre action protocols, to negotiations, to drafting claims and all other court documents and to guiding you through the Court process and timetables.

We understand how time-consuming it is to find a suitable firm of commercial litigation solicitors. Mishoura can put you in touch with a pre-vetted firm of litigation lawyers that can support you with a wide range of disputes, helping you reach a favourable outcome.

We can put you in touch with professional and qualified:

  • Professional negligence solicitor
  • Patent prosecution law firm
  • Dispute resolution lawyer
  • Patent infringement contingency lawyer
  • Civil litigation lawyer
  • Professional negligence lawyer
  • Commercial litigation solicitors
  • Shareholder dispute solicitor
  • Breach of contract solicitor
  • Partnership disputes lawyer
  • Company dispute lawyer


Business disputes can happen at any time and could include intellectual property, patents, contracts, and professional negligence, to name just a few. Our team of business advisors are on hand to specifically match you to a litigation solicitor that can handle whatever dispute you are dealing with in a professional and timely manner.

Business disputes are sometimes unavoidable, and we understand the importance of quickly resolving disputes for a business to maintain its success and move forward. A firm of commercial litigation solicitors will be your trusted advisors to help resolve your dispute by offering clear and transparent legal advice.

When you need to involve the law in your dispute, you must instruct a solicitor with an expert level of knowledge and experience in the civil litigation process to ensure your claim is conducted professionally and competently, giving you the best chance of obtaining the outcome you want.

Mishoura can connect you to a team of Litigation lawyers who can thoughtfully tailor their approach to each client’s circumstances and will fiercely argue your corner throughout any proceedings.

Litigation Solicitors cover all types of civil law disputes, including:

  • Breach of Contract matters
  • Partnership Disputes
  • High Court and County Court Claims

An experienced litigation team has the necessary knowledge and experience of the Civil Procedure Rules to guide you through the complex and confusing processes of litigation.


Mishoura works tirelessly to ensure that all of the firms of solicitors we work with are vetted, professional and qualified – taking the pressure off you and ensuring that you get a litigation lawyer that can meet your current requirements.

After an initial consultation, we will be able to give you a short list of two litigation lawyers within 90 minutes for you to contact in your own time.


What is litigation law?

A civil litigation/commercial dispute resolution solicitor works to resolve disputes for their clients. These civil lawyers can help with the property owner and tenant concerns, neighbour disputes, accounts receivables, professional negligence, contract and agreement breaches, intellectual property challenges, and overall business disputes.

What kind of cases can be resolved using a litigation lawyer?

There is a wide range of cases which can be resolved using litigation. These can include:

  • Commercial disputes e.g. claims for breach of contract such as damaged goods or recovery of debts.
  • Matrimonial matters, e.g. determining the extent of a spousal claim in a divorce action.
  • Claims against the state, e.g. A judicial review of a planning decision.
  • Personal injury claims, e.g. monetary claims arising from an accident where a person suffered harm.
  • Employment disputes, e.g. a claim for wrongful dismissal.

What does a dispute resolution lawyer do?

When a client first seeks assistance from a solicitor, it is the solicitor's responsibility to examine the claim and recommend a course of action. 

To accomplish this, the solicitor must review all relevant documentation received from the client and form an opinion on the client's chances of success.

The solicitor may tell the client that their claim is weak and that they should try to settle it as soon as feasible. Alternatively, the solicitor may say to the client that a claim filed against them is frivolous and that they have a strong defence.

Civil litigation/dispute resolution solicitors file court papers, handle discovery, and compose witness statements. They advise Counsel to attend the trial, prepare trial bundles, and all  the court's pre-and post-trial material necessary.

Civil litigation/dispute resolution lawyers regularly attend mediation and settlement discussions, in which all parties sit around a table and try to reach an agreement. Arbitration is another prominent form of Alternative Dispute Resolution, depending on the nature of the dispute.

Depending on the business, you may be able to undertake some advocacy by representing your client at interim court petitions, case management conferences, and pre-trial hearings.

The litigation lawyer will meet with the Counsel and the client to discuss the case and trial preparations. The solicitor has a dual-duty at the trial: they are there to aid the barrister if they have any questions about the case or need instructions, and they are also there to ensure that the client knows what is going on around them, as the court can be rather frightening for regular people.

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