Knowing When It’s Time to Talk To An Employment Lawyer

An employment lawyer deals with the majority of matters that are involved within the workplace. They can advise and represent charities, global organisations, individuals and public and private sector clients. There are two categories an employment lawyer can be split into. One is concerning the employee and their needs and rights. The other is the employer's rights and obligations. So they can be hired by either party to be against the other one.

You can find employment lawyers who have had previous cases with either third parties or both. It is advised to hire a lawyer who has dealt with both as their knowledge will be extended over each area, which will help you more when hiring them.



You can hire an employment lawyer to go through and help with specific paperwork. These include documents such as:

●      Agreements

●      Contracts

●      Handbooks

●      Legislation paperwork

●      Written claims and complaints

Hiring an employment lawyer to either go through these documents or draft them up is essential to make sure everything is correct. They will have extensive knowledge of what needs to be in each document, whether the spelling and grammar are correct, and everyone involved has signed, etc. This keeps each document airtight and can be used relatively with all parties involved.

Unfair Dismissal


Unfair dismissal is one of the main reasons an ex-employee may bring a case to you. They are more than likely to have an employment lawyer as well on their side advising them and helping them put this claim against you. This is where you would need an employment lawyer to go through what has happened and if the ex-employee has grounds to get compensation or even sue. The chance of your success, of course, will depend on the circumstances surrounding your claim. However, having an experienced employment lawyer who knows all the details will make your chances of winning the case greater.

This can also cycle back to the documentation, a breach of contract is one of the main claims of unfair dismissal. If you have already hired an employment lawyer to go through and make sure your contracts are perfect, the claim they have made against the contract shouldn't be a problem on your end.



Again. With unfair dismissal, you will need an employment lawyer to help fight an employee's harassment or discrimination claim against you. A harassment and or discrimination case is a  severe matter, and you need to ensure if this allocation is false that you have the best representation possible so all the facts are correct and true and it doesn't go to court as even a case can affect your business false or not. An employment lawyer can also be there to prevent this from ever happening in the first place. They can advise you not to discriminate against your employees, for example, paying each gender, race and age within your company equally.



If you're an employer, it's critical to follow the proper and legal disciplinary procedures to ensure a safe and equal workplace for you and your employees. Suppose you've recently been promoted or have taken on a team of employees for the first time. In that case, you might be unsure how to properly deliver disciplinary actions. An employment lawyer can advise you on how to discipline employees for misconduct or poor performance fairly and legally, ensuring that conflicts are avoided as much as possible. Employees must learn how to carry out disciplinary processes effectively because they can be lengthy and entail a lot of elements like paperwork and meetings.



 If all else fails with trying to solve a claim or dispute in the workplace and it, unfortunately, goes to a tribunal, having an employment lawyer represent you will be crucial. A tribunal will look at all sides of the parties involved. They will decide on the merits of each case and provide their judgment on the information they have found following the laws. You will have to ensure you hire the employment lawyer before it goes to court so they have all the details of all parties involved and can conduct interviews and collect all information before heading to court. This will ensure you have the best possible representation instead of hiring one just for when it goes to court.  This will be too little time for them to gather all the information needed, which may lead to a loss, which could lead to fines, closure, and even prosecution.

Where to Find an Employment Lawyer


Finding an experienced and affordable employment lawyer takes a lot of research and time. It is best to look at reviews, blogs, or word of mouth from previous clients to get a good idea or word of mouth from previous clients to get a good ideas of which firm to go for. You can also get help with finding one. Companies like Mishoura have a dedicated team ready to find you the perfect lawyer. Once you have your consultation with them, they will shortlist the firms within 90 minutes. You can choose which one suits you and hire them without any second thoughts. This will save you time and stress, letting you get back to the other tasks of running your business.

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