Hire a Business Lawyer: What Does A Corporate Lawyer Actually Do?

Like in the name a corporate lawyer deals with and represents corporations. They are there to advise businesses on their legal obligations, responsibilities and rights. They will provide the company with advice on the ventures and structures of the business. Corporate lawyers will also help and advise you on the responsibilities of third parties that are involved with your company, like directors and corporate officers.

There are many areas of law and areas of your company that a corporate lawyer will be able to help with and advise on, Some of the main ones are listed below and explained further:

●     Handle disputes

●     Transaction structures

●     Document drafting

●     Negotiating deals

●     Attend meetings and make calls to appropriate third parties on your behalf

●     Tax related advice and help

●     Real Estate related advice and help

●     Help Create, organise or dissolve a business entity

●     Advice on best legal forms for your business

●     Drafting contracts/ shareholders agreements/ non-disclosures

●     Consult with other lawyers that specialize in a field they don’t cover for you

●     Mergers and acquisitions (M&A)

●     Venture capital fundraising

1. Day to Day

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Your day to day business laws that your company have to deal with will be covered by your corporate lawyer, such as:

-       Overseeing Mergers and acquisitions

-       Listing companies on the stock exchange

-       Advice on legal matters including start ups or business merging

-       Drafting documents like agreements and contracts

-       Verifying accounts and finances

-       Collaborating and consulting with other corporate lawyers on agreements and legal decisions

-       Mentoring any junior lawyers you may also hire

The ones listed above are some of the main areas your corporate lawyer will handle, however there are different requirements that will occur within your business from those above for your lawyer to handle, as each company is unique with different day to day needs. As well as running the day to day areas of law your company will have, they will also be there to help with other incidents that may take place like a dispute between you and your employee/s or a third party.

2. Disputes


When it comes to litigation (disputes) laws, litigation lawyers and corporate lawyers will handle this area of law in different ways. A corporate lawyer will be the one who deals with all the aspects of it before it goes further into court. They will draft up contracts, agreements and deals etc with employees and third parties, to prevent disputes from happening in the first place. However, If they do happen they will be there to go over and discuss with you what they think is the best route of handling the dispute and see if they can settle it before a litigation lawyer is hired for a court case. If things end up going further a litigation lawyer will be the one to go to court and argue the dispute for you.

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3. Mergers and Acquisitions (M&A)

Mergers and Acquisitions


Mergers and acquisitions (M&A) is one of the major practice areas of corporate law. A company can add property, production sites, or a brand name by acquiring (purchasing) or merging with another business. A merger or purchase could also be used to eliminate a competitor in the same industry. Lawyers that specialise in mergers and acquisitions provide legal advice on potential transactions. A team of corporate lawyers typically examines all of the company's most important assets and liabilities, such as income statement, employment contracts, real estate assets, intellectual property holdings, and any current, pending, or future litigation, to evaluate a proposed venture. This is referred to as due diligence. The lawyer can then examine the situation and raise particular concerns with the client, such as who is accountable for the Environmental Protection Agency's (EPA) inspection of the company's property. What happens to the target company's employees or the company's shares? On these issues, M&A lawyers speak with their clients, and the two of them decide which parties should accept current or potential obligations.

4. What Makes a Good Corporate Lawyer?

What Makes a Good Corporate Lawyer


To succeed in corporate law, the lawyer will need to have a thorough understanding of business law, current trends, and laws and regulation changes. They also need to familiarise themselves with corporate and business law in other locations where their clients do business or want to invest. In most business transactions, teamwork is a must. Since they'll be working with groups of professionals that have a common goal, their interpersonal and people management abilities must be excellent. An excellent corporate lawyer is ambitious, enjoys challenges, and works hard to achieve their objectives.

How to Find a Good Corporate Lawyer

How to Find a Good Corporate Lawyer

There will be a lot of firms near your business that will have professional and experienced corporate lawyers for you to hire. You have many avenues to finding the right lawyer for you. You can look at reviews and blogs online about certain firms or lawyers, you can also ask for recommendations from associates, friends, family members or other lawyers you may have contact with. You can also do your research and ask your questions about the firm to them, doing face-to-face, meetings with firms you have found and seem a good fit for you will help you possibly make your decision. Most firms may also offer you a free consultation to help make your decision easier. Finding a corporate lawyer can be very complex and time-consuming day lot at day-to-day, you will need the perfect lawyer for you because they deal with a lot that day to day company laws and regulations. You can use a company like Mishoura which will help you find the best corporate lawyer for you, saving you the time and effort it takes to research them yourself. After you speak with them about what your wants and needs are, they will be able to shortlist firms for you to choose from in 90 mins. This will give you more to time to concentrate on your company and do not risk money wasting by possibly hiring the wrong corporate lawyer

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