Frequently Asked Questions

Why is choosing the right lawyer critical to your business?

When you Google “find a lawyer near me” the options can be overwhelming. Whether it’s a standard contract or a complex merger and acquisition, choosing the right lawyer protects your business, assets, and legal rights.

What are the risks associated with choosing the wrong lawyer?

While many lawyers claim to do it all, your business interests deserve a specialist. Law is complex and ever evolving. We connect you with the firm that has the tenure and track record of success in your area of law. This minimises your risk and increases your odds of a successful outcome.

Should you always choose the largest most established firm?

Large and established firms are likely to have the expertise you are searching for, but they may not fit into your small business budget. We help you identify reputable firms that have the high standards you expect from larger firms, at a more attractive rate. We prioritise your budget without sacrificing quality. We know when cheaper is better and when an investment is required to prioritise your desired legal outcome.

What is the difference between international, dispersed, and local law firms?

An international law firm is a UK-based firm that specialises in helping local businesses with legal issues in foreign states and countries. An international firm may also help foreign businesses with local legal matters.

A local law firm is based in the UK. The firm may or may not provide international legal services.

A dispersed or virtual law firm may not have traditional law offices. Their lawyers often work remotely, but they may have an office and administrative staff that they share.

How can I establish whether I need a specialised lawyer and are specialised lawyers more difficult to find?

While it may sound as though all corporate lawyers have the same skill set, corporate law is expansive. Every lawyer has areas of speciality. For example, a lawyer may work solely in real estate or taxes.

Identifying a specialist drastically improves the likelihood of a successful outcome. So, instead of searching online for “find a lawyer near me”, be more specific. Maybe “corporate tax lawyer near me”. Better yet, save yourself the hassle of sorting through search results by working with a Mishoura business advisor. We have a lengthy list of pre-vetted firms to choose from.

Can hiring a lawyer mitigate future business and legal expenses?

Yes. Knowing when and why to hire a lawyer is a proactive approach to minimising a wide range of business and financial risks.

What ball-park figure should I spend on a lawyer and do lawyers hourly rates correspond to the work and expertise undertaken?

Legal fees vary depending upon your legal needs. Some services, such as creating or reviewing contracts, may be secured as a flat-rate fee. Other services are charged by the hour, ranging between £150 and £400. However, paying more doesn’t always ensure a better outcome.

Sometimes the price difference is due to the complexity of your case and sometimes it is the difference between a partner’s rates vs. a tenured legal associate’s rates. Your Mishoura advisor prioritises your budget without sacrificing quality. We know when cheaper is better and when an investment is required to prioritise your desired legal outcome.

Can I trust legal review websites?

Sometimes. Many review sites have strict policies and advanced technology in place to minimise fraudulent reviews. However, some firms have family, friends, or paid third parties to leave scripted positive reviews to boost their online ranking. So, their reviews may be a mix of true clients and scripted reviews.

Instead of sorting through reviews, we will select one of our pre-vetted firms that suits your business’ legal needs. We’ll send you a same-day shortlist of 2 lawyers/firms who specialise in your required area of law.

When looking at law firm websites what should I look for?

Keep in mind that when you type “find a lawyer near me” into Google, the list that populates isn’t the top lawyers in the UK. What populates is a list of the firms that have the best search engine optimisation. The firm that’s the best fit for you may populate on page 2 or 3 in Google or other search engines.

When reviewing a firm’s website ask yourself these 3 questions:

1. Does their website convey trust and authority?

2. Do they detail the type of corporate services you require?

3. If they are a small firm, do they specialise in the legal service you require?

If the answer to any of these questions is “no”, they aren’t the right firm for you.

How can I vet the law firm I’m considering?

Vetting a corporate law firm is tedious and time-consuming. You can search for cases they’ve had in the news, review their online testimonials and reviews, and you may be able to obtain public copies of their statements of case. During your consultation, you may ask about similar cases, legal strategies, and positive outcomes they’ve negotiated on their clients’ behalf. However, this process is time-consuming, and many legal matters have no public records.

Instead, work with Mishoura. We vet lawyers for you and provide a same-day shortlist of 2 tenured firms.

What is Litigation?

Litigation is the process of resolving dispute through a court of law. If the parties cannot agree on a fair and proper outcome during a dispute, they will take their claims to court. It's a wide term that refers to a lengthy and sometimes difficult procedure.

What Kinds of Cases can be Resolved using Litigation?

Contractual disputes, financial transactions, and fraud can all be litigated, as can regulatory procedures, competition, corporate management, and restructuring issues.

Which is the Right Court for You?

You may be aware that the British legal system includes a number of different courts and tribunals. The choice of which court or tribunal to approach will be based on the facts of your dispute and whether or not a specialized court or tribunal has been established for your type of case. Depending on the scenario, your litigation solicitors will advise you on how best to progress. Your legal firm builds a detailed picture of your objectives and commercial background before helping you to the roadmap, prepare for and implement the most effective route to achieving them.

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