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Corporate law

Having access to experienced business solicitors on call when you need them makes great business sense, whether you are a business owner with an existing business in the UK or an entrepreneur with a start-up venture that you need to get off the ground.

Growing a successful business is based on careful planning and strategic thinking, and as your business expands, you may need to hire a business lawyer or company law solicitor as they will be able to offer you sound business advice. A corporate lawyer will be able to help you whether you need legal documentation drafted from time to time or a sound business advice from competent commercial solicitors.

As your company expands, you will probably find that you need a corporate legal team with experience in international law for everything from the fundamentals of starting a business to restructuring your business as it thrives and grows, navigating challenging acquisitions and mergers, as well as meeting the extensive legal requirements that will inevitably arise from time to time.

Small and medium-sized businesses may not always be able to employ an in-house corporate solicitor, but you should consult with one if you are starting a business, closing down a business, need assistance writing legal documentation or dealing with commercial disputes.

This is where Mishoura come in.

We take a genuine interest in your business and can put you in touch with a corporate and business legal professional that will function as an extension of your own team, getting you the best possible results for you and your business.

Having a business lawyer on board is always a smart idea for drafting legal documentation for your business, reviewing contracts, and helping you to make other strategic decisions that will develop and benefit your business.

Corporate law services
Corporate law

We can connect you with a corporate solicitor who will be able to advise you on how to conform to corporate and commercial rules and regulations and who can help you in structuring and planning your business for success.

Mishoura has years of experience helping clients choose the right business lawyers, and we can connect you with professionals in every branch of business law.

You can rely on our knowledgeable staff to put you in touch with a business solicitor who can help you with everything from creating new employee policies and procedures to reviewing any existing commercial contracts to properly protect you and your company.

You can hire a corporate lawyer and get help with:

  • Business formations; 
  • Management buyouts;
  • Trademarks, Patents, and Intellectual Property
  • Public company mergers and acquisitions;
  • Stock exchange listings and fund raising;
  • Corporate reorganisations;
  • Non Disclosure Agreements
  • Shareholders Agreements
  • Corporate governance
  • Company secretarial services.

Corporate law services
Corporate law

Mishoura can connect you with a corporate law firm that can:

  • Keep you regularly informed of the status of your case and communicate in plain, jargon-free language 
  • Provide proper advice rather than present you with a number of options and expect you to know which one to pursue 
  • Keep you regularly informed of the status of your case and communicate in plain, jargon-free language
  • Build strong long-term relationships with you and your team so that we become your "go to" trusted adviser.
  • Provide you with accurate and upfront pricing for our work so you can manage your budget.

After an initial consultation, Mishoura can give you a shortlist of corporate solicitors that have experience in your sector of business or the legal field you need, including:

  • Corporate Finance Solicitor
  • Business Dispute Solicitors
  • Corporate Lawyer
  • Business Solicitor
  • Trademark Lawyer .. and more.

If you are starting a business or require guidance on any other matter relating to business transactions or planning, you should think about scheduling a consultation with a corporate lawyer in your area.

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Corporate law services

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