10 Ways Of Protecting Intellectual Property

Intellectual property rights are the rights for the ownership and protection of the things created by original ideas. If your creation is economically valuable, learning how to protect ownership rights would be smart before someone else can benefit from it. However, the process of protecting intellectual property may differ as per the nature of the intellectual property.

There are four categories for intellectual property: copyrights, trademarks, trade secrets and patents. However, deciding how to protect intellectual property in the best way possible can be difficult. It may be the case, particularly in highly specialised fields like industrial design or computer algorithms.

How To Protect Intellectual Property

It helps to carefully examine the nature of your intellectual property and decide on the best right to secure the economic benefits. There are several proven ways to do that.

1-   Document Your Innovations

This is the information age, and the frequency of data leakage is increasing. While one can only sometimes guard the information, they can document each step of the innovation journey.

This is beneficial if the information leaks, and there is a threat to ownership. To prove the legitimacy of your ownership rights, your maintained records can help you through this. You can specify the initiation dates of your operation and gain the ownership rights back.

2-   Use DRM Systems

Once you decide to go online and publish your creative work, there is a high possibility that someone will want to copy it. This is where the Digital Rights Management system helps you protect your online assets. The DRM system may limit the duration a user can access your work. It can restrict the number of devices used to access your work.

3-   Get an NDA Signed

If you are part of a team and the ideas created by you are being shared within the organisation, prepare an NDA. The Non-disclosure agreement will ensure that your ownership is protected and no team member is sharing information. The NDA will bolster your protection against intellectual property violations.

4-   Enforce Strong Access Credentials.

Protecting information in a team requires preplanning, unless you are the only one holding the information about the intellectual property. To protect the original innovation, adequate security must be maintained. Create strong credentials to limit access to information related to intellectual property. You may separate the teams, train your employees about security practices, and store data on secure cloud servers.

5-   Obtain Similar Domains

If possible, a domain name like your business name will be beneficial in protecting your intellectual property rights. Although it can be slightly costly, the long-term benefits are unparalleled.

6-   Leave Scope For Future Development

If your intellectual property is registered, it must be open for further development and modification. When any employee discovers the new invention, the employer may reclaim the intellectual property ownership within a valid time frame.

7-   Consult an Intellectual Property Expert

One of the best ways is to contact a copyright or trademark agent. The agent can help you find an adequate solution suitable for protecting intellectual property. Although this will cost, the money spent will bring value to your business.

8-   Maintain Secrecy With Innovations

Only share your idea with someone else once you have intellectual property protection right for it. However, you could get an NDA signed by the other person if you ought to keep it a secret. An idea protected by patent rights cannot be openly discussed with random people.

9-   Request a Warrant For IP Violation

Staying one step ahead of corporate espionage can save you time. If you have not registered your intellectual property, you may not be entitled to monetary damages if the theft occurs. However, you may be able to regulate the production of your ideas. Don’t be afraid to contact law enforcement in such a case. They can execute a warrant on your behalf and cease the function of any violated copyright material.

10- Take Legal Action

If any of the actions mentioned above do not help in any way, you can file a litigation against the accused. However, your work must be registered with the government before you can take it to the court. Monetary damages will be given only till the registration date, not before that.


Overall intellectual property protection prevents anyone from misusing your innovative content. All companies rely on intellectual property to legitimise their profits. If you have any more questions or want to get in touch with the right professionals, Mishoura can help you do it.

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