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Who is Mishoura?

Mishoura helps UK businesses find the right lawyer to represent their legal needs, whilst letting them choose between upfront or 12-month payments. We find a lawyer for you to eliminate the stress and save you time and money.

From contracts to intellectual property rights, incorporating and structuring, and more—every start-up and small business requires a legal expert. With countless firms to choose from, the options can be overwhelming. We will assess your legal needs, provide you with a list of specialised lawyers, and negotiate pricing. Pay upfront or in manageable 12-month, zero-interest instalment payments.

How we help

  • Our extensive questionnaire and consultation clarify your legal needs.
  • We provide you with 2 vetted law firms that specialise in your area of law.
  • Your shortlist is delivered to you within 90 minutes of submitting your questionnaire.
  • Once you select a firm, we negotiate your legal fees on your behalf.
  • Our subscribers can access the ‘pay in instalments’ scheme where they can pay upfront or in instalments to minimise the strain on your cash flow.
  • We review and approve your contract and paperwork to ensure your rights are protected.
  • Our business advisors provide ongoing support until your legal matter is resolved.

Why work with us?

  • Specialisation: our mission is to find the right lawyer for your individual needs.
  • Tenure: we match you with firms that have a minimum of 5 years of experience.
  • Success Rate: we ensure the firms we shortlist have a track record of success in your required area of legal expertise.
  • Response Time: to ease stress and anxiety we provide same-day consultations.
  • Fees: we prioritise your budget without sacrificing quality. We know when cheaper is better and when an investment is required to prioritise your desired legal outcome.

How it works


We determine the type of legal representation you require.

We Compare

Compare the differences between the vetted firm we suggest.

You Choose

You choose your law firm how you would like to pay.


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